Melinda is a gifted coach and holistic health guide. I can think of few practitioners as skillful in their integration of optimal nutrition with exercise, work goals, and inner life. Melinda's format of goal setting and accountability throughregular check-ins and daily access provided the framework for me to eat better and tailor supplements for an underlying condition, and to navigate a rough period with confidence. I am now 22 lbs lighter, and have internalized the lessonsI need to remain healthy and stay on track with attention to mind, body and spirit. – Kate Chappell, Kennebunk, ME





20689632_1000561230589_3755901988135812944_oY'all, working with Melinda is one of the absolute greatest gifts you can give yourself on so many levels! This is an incredible value, and one of the best things you can do for yourself. Melinda is incredibly passionate about the work she does, and she will help you find things in yourself you never realized were there. She is a fiercely incredible woman, and you will thank yourself for stepping up to do this awesome work with her! <3 –Molly Jellison, Bath, ME


Thanks! You have been a great coach, support and inspiration-this system really has worked for me and I have learned a lot about what fuels me and my relationship with food through these cleanses and the work I have done with Melinda Baxter- Lisa Vatske, Olympia, WA


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